I’m not good enough

You might see yourself falling again and again into trap that makes you falter, makes you do wrong. You might see yourself failing again and again even you exert effort to do good, to do better. Sometimes you lose hope, get disappointed and feel worthless. Sometimes you think that you are not good enough, that you are not good enough and that you are not good enough. Sometimes it keeps on playing in your mind like a soundtrack until it makes you believe it, until you feel it to be true, until even yourself says “I’m not good enough.”

You might be thinking that you must be different than what you were. You might be thinking that you should become better than what you were because what you were was worse. You feel bad. You really feel bad because you see yourself unchanged after years. You still see yourself worse, you might even see yourself worse than what you were. Despite having your talents, achievements, countless blessings, capabilities, uniqueness, improvements, family, friends, you feel worse.

There are moments when a simple word hurts you so much. There are instances when a simple act makes you feel so bad. There are times when a very simple thing makes your world collapse. You perceive things negatively. Sometimes you are your own hater — you keep on telling negative things, about yourself, to yourself. Usually, that’s the problem. Even no one tells you that “you are worthless”, you tell it to yourself. When you should be your own best friend, hero, savior… you become your own enemy.

Everyone has their issues. Everyone faces problems. Everyone struggles. The only difference is some take themselves their enemies, while some take themselves their best friends. Of course, if you befriend yourself, you’ll feel good and you’ll do good. Don’t ever think that you are not enough, you might lose your track, you might get confused which right path to take, you might mistakenly do wrong but it won’t mean you are not good enough and that you can’t do better. Ignore what your mind keeps on telling you, sometimes it is really a convincing liar. Thinking negatively about yourself will just bring a negative pressure to you.

Telling yourself that you are a big failure will never make you successful, it will never make you happy and it will never make you reach a higher potential. You have to accept yourself and reject whatever that enemy living inside you tells you. When you do it, just then you will be effective in reaching your goals. When you think that you are good enough, it is when you learn to stand up every time you fall and then you will learn to improve yourself more and more. Just keep in your mind that change starts from within.

Don’t get me wrong. You might be thinking I’m talking with only you but actually I’m talking with myself too.



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