Grumpy Face?


It was just so crowded when we went there last holiday.  We reached by a train (commuter). Yes, after for about an hour,  we arrived at Bogor Station.  Just confused which way we have to choose. Then i saw a man not far from me,  a big man,  strong body with an uniform,  suddenly i feel unsecure,  i thought he was a grumpy Satpol PP.  Then i asked him, and the man started to answered. Ooh..  My perception was totally wrong, he was so polite, so kindly explained what we asked.  And after we got enough information from him,  then i said to myself,  “hmm God,  forgive me, for i had negative thought to him,  hope Allah gaves you huge grace Mr. Satpol PP”.  Well, Do not judge the book by the cover. 


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